First tracks from Anaitalrax CD broadcast in progress

19.08.2017 / admin

Anaitalrax 2-CD

The CD ‘Anaitalrax’ featuring piano virtuoso Ralph van Raat on Solaire records, will be introduced during the popular radio program 4 de Middag  ‘De anekdote van …’ on NPO Radio 4 (Netherlands). Want to know how it sounds like?

Just switch over to Radio 4 (Dutch radio) on August 18th (starting 14.30) and enjoy 2 out of 25 Anaitalraxes. You may be interested in some great stories about the composer Erik Lotichius as well!

november 10th 2013

03.09.2013 / admin

Eindhoven, St. Catharinakerk

Additional info about this concert.